Welcome to rhinobunny.com!

2017 - 03.06.

So what exactly is a "rhinobunny"? Well, we're not sure what a rhinobunny might be in the wild. But rhinobunny.com is the domain of Derek Hiemforth and Terry Velarde! Derek picked up the nickname "Rhino" in college, and Terry is a devoted bunny-lover who's had pet bunnies all her life. So when we were looking for a domain name to register for our web site, and needed to find one that wasn't taken, we hit upon the perfect name...RHINOBUNNY!" smiley It's pretty memorable, and it wasn't taken...

What can we find here? Just a few things at this point. Derek and Terry will both be adding stuff semi-randomly though, so feel free to drop back by every so often.

rhinobunny.com is currently proud to host the following tidbits:

Jingle's Home Page. This is the home page of our bunny Jingle and his friends.
Derek's Champions Page. Stuff for the Champions role-playing game.
Derek's FUDGE Page. Stuff for the FUDGE role-playing game.


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