Front-Helmets Buying Guidelines

2017 - 07.18.

Regardless if you are at work or you are at home doing some repair tasks, you must stay protected whenever you conduct a welding job. It will keep your eye secured.  As a rule of the thumb, it is good to invest in a worthy helmet. It is not about the cost, but the quality is more important. Investing in good font helmets will help boost your comfort, helps improve your ability to weld and it will result in high quality output too without compromising your safety. Unluckily, choosing a helmet is a hard task. Radnor auto darkening welding lens may be confusing for someone who have never bought one before. It will be hard for you to pick the right one, especially when it comes to the current auto darkening lens technology along with the national safety standards.

Auto darkening vs. The standard glass lens for front helmets

Before you get a helmet that you think is the best for you, why don’t you ask yourself first about the kind of lens that is best for you? For the standard glass lens or what they call the passive type. They are common and comes at an affordable amount. They have been in the market for nearly fifty years now.  Even if most of the helmets are being made using molded plastic materials and not using thick leather materials, they give the basic type of security plus they are also affordable. The cost is not more than $40.

The lens meant for viewing or what they call the filter is a specialized kind of tinted glass. It comes in number 10 shade and they are coated with the anti UV and anti IR coatings.  When the welder is about to start doing his job, he needs to snap or to just nod and the flip of the helmet will go down. When he is done, the flip can easily be snapped going up of the face for better viewing.


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